Using Social Media Marketing to Boost Visibility as a Business Coach

Learn 3 ways a business coach or consultant can boost their online visibility using social media marketing

The field of entrepreneurship is dominating the 21st century. Many of this century’s business coach millionaires have taken risks and made strategic decisions to provide incredibly useful products to small business enterprises seeking to grow and thrive using social media marketing.

There’s certainly a lot of moments I could share having been the social media strategist to a number of business coaches and consultants, some now recognised as international speakers, best selling authors and media profiles. But let’s just say, entrepreneurs can enter virtually any industry, and thanks to technological innovations, they’ll continuously evolve to supply the market with its most needed solutions. With things like social media, consumerism, and many forms of technology prevailing in 2020, knowing how to engage these resources is the key to any business coach’s success to be visible amongst the crowd.

So nowadays, to differentiate who you are, one of the most powerful tools that any business coach can employ is a social media marketing strategy. With billions of users on different platforms each day, the connectivity these networks offer is unparalleled. No longer do business coaches have to go through doing cold outreach or invest in expensive advertising to identify who to help, instead social media platforms allow them to be found by anyone who needs help.

But it’s not as simple as plonking a profile on LinkedIn today and watch the leads start to trickle in tomorrow. Social networking sites have evolved significantly in terms of what they do over the last 10 years, so here are 3 key ways for a business coach or consultant to boost visibility using social media marketing:

Social Media Ad Platforms Are Your Best Friend

Typically any marketing service will always tell you to invest in advertising. Ads are no longer what they used to be, as they are now cheaper to run and are designed to be less intrusive. Whether you opt for programmatic advertising or even the social media advertising algorithm solutions, you’ll have access to the top ways to grow your business. The best part is that you no longer have to do all the legwork, like manually reaching out and sending newsletters. Ad platforms can do this by integrating your brand into people’s daily activities and lives without being an inconvenience.

Your social media marketing strategy should have an advertising plan to ensure that your investment enjoys better returns. A great way to optimise social media advertising is to tailor and layer these ads to be engaging and informative, before they are promotional. Not many people will have the time to interact with you reaching out, but an ad that catches their attention is likely to be saved for future reference.

Content Planning Is a Big Thing

Dumping out tons of content all at once is a bad social media strategy to take. Business services will always tell you that there has to be a timeframe when marketing a product or service. The timeframe should consist of the content, their respective publishing dates, and a comprehensive overview of the month’s marketing moves. A marketing service will recommend that you sit down and create an extensive list of content you will create before performing any campaign moves.

Creating content on the spot adds unnecessary stress. To avoid this, follow a content schedule and plan, as this will help you manage your time and keep a posting schedule your followers can anticipate.

Outsource Social Media Marketing

If you are not well-versed in the language of social media, it is not advisable to continue running operations on your own. There are plenty of specialists who can assist with managing social networking platforms that can offer the best ROIs and growth. Instead of taking plenty of time learning from a social media strategy guide that becomes out of date in six months, hire a social media marketing service or even a full-scale digital agency, to do the functions that will raise your voice’s visibility. Investing in experts will also gain you time better spent on developing those much needed coaching resources that can add to your marketing and revenue in the long run.

Even if you think you are saving by trying it by yourself, you are likely to end up spending more to recover your losses in the time keeping yourself abreast of changes. Social media platforms do not stay stagnant, social networking is another element time is needed to tackle, and its surrounding advertising sphere is unlike the traditional methods. Employing the work of a professional social media specialist will offer the best ROIs and conversions for your coaching business.


When dealing with modern business practices, a business coach’s holy trinity for overall growth is SEO, PPC advertising, and a strong social media presence. These very complicated tasks are heavy-hitters when appropriately deployed and can differentiate a successful enterprise from one that is merely surviving. 

A smart business coach knows it takes continual learning and experience to be able to successfully help other businesses grow. The Adviser Brand is a full-scale social media marketing agency that is also strongly experienced in other digital marketing methods like SEO and programmatic campaigns. So if you’re looking for a strategic digital marketing approach to generate success for your business, why not chat with us today!

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Free Mini Course

Want to book more sales meetings on autopilot?

Find out how to build a lead generation system that filters out tyre-kickers so you are only dealing with fully qualified leads ready to take action
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