DOUBLE the number of new clients & charge more per client from the same lead flow in the next 28 days

If you already have traffic but you're not getting great levels of conversions, then here's a marketing mindset shift that could double your business without doubling your marketing costs

Too often businesses just model off their competitors, and just end up competing for the same clients. If there is nothing special about you, what then motivates someone to choose you? Converting more of these potential leads, while excluding those that are a waste of time, requires a change in your marketing mindset because…

If you’re the same as everyone else you compete on price.
If you’re different & achieve a specific result for your clients, you set your own price.

Taking it further, being different can even increase demand. Amongst all the noise of your competition people are looking for the certainty of results that a specialist provides.

One of the most important things we do when working with a client, whether it’s for their website or a marketing campaign, is to establish who their ideal client is and what their marketing message is.

It’s not enough to go out there with a generic message. If you want your marketing to be effective, and attract premium prices, your ideal client needs to know you work with people just like them, and achieve the results they are looking for.

There are some businesses that are geared up for competing on price with low margins, because they can operate at volume, but for the rest of us we need to do things differently.

Boutique, or specialist, services need to be very clear on exactly what makes them different.

Let me illustrate that with our own service as an example.

We do websites. If we left it at that, we will attract just the segment of the market that mostly think of their website as just an online brochure, and then complain because it does not magically start bringing them business when there are hundreds of websites just like theirs.

However, our ideal clients are those that want to take their marketing further and put in place a whole system that automates their marketing right up until the point of someone turning up for an appointment. That means the whole marketing system is automated – content is created to attract the attention of your ideal client, they are presented with an offer that appeals to them, and they book an appointment directly on your website.

Who are we targeting for this? Busy professionals that offer a free or paid initial consult and want a system to qualify new leads and book appointments, i.e they are too busy to be promoting themselves, and don’t want to waste time meeting with people that will never do anything.

…so our marketing and offerings reflect this.

So have a think about your own business….

If you could pick any one of your existing clients, which of those would you want 100 more of?

  • What is special about them?
  • What exactly do you do for them?
  • What is the outcome you achieve for them?
  • How is what you do for them different to what your competitors are doing?

The important thing is to identify a niche where you can stand out. The funny thing is that sometimes creating that niche may be as simple as stating that you do something….Your competitors very well may be already doing it, but you’re the only one saying it, because you have identified it is important to your ideal client and made it part of your marketing message.

Marketing really is simple when you get back to basics:

  1. Understand your audience
  2. Have a specific offer that appeals directly to them
  3. Let them know you can be trusted to deliver
  4. Have a conversion mechanism
  5. Put your offer in front of your audience

If you have these then your marketing will work.

If something is not working, don’t immediately think you need a new website, or more traffic. It’s quite possible some other part of the marketing mix is off. Just think, if you tightened up your messaging around your ideal client and started converting 2x what you are now from your existing traffic, how much of a difference would that make to your business?

So here’s the challenge….over the next 30 days have a good look at your business and the clients you serve. What is the outcome that you achieve for your clients? What special processes do you have that guarantee results? What changes can you introduce into your messaging that makes people think, “You’re the one.”?

If you’re keen you could do it in the next week, or

Week 1: Identify your most ideal clients. What are their characteristics, exactly what do you do for them, and what is the outcome you achieve for them. There can be more than one, but each is a separate exercise. Make sure to consider what makes your service delivery different from the others, e.g. response times, transparency, process.

Week 2: Gather “evidence” of your capability to serve them – awards, case studies, logos of past clients, testimonials.

Week 3-4: Rework your website’s home page to identify and message to your ideal client(s). Add dedicated pages that speak directly to the specific ideal client you have identified (one per page), and why you are the best choice for them to achieve the outcome they are seeking.

Make those changes and I guarantee you will see a difference in the amount of new business you start generating, and the upside is you will be working with more of the types of clients you love working with!

Need help shifting your marketing mindset, or implementing those changes, then book a free discovery call to see how we can help.

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Find out how to build a lead generation system that filters out tyre-kickers so you are only dealing with fully qualified leads ready to take action

Free Mini Course

Want to book more sales meetings on autopilot?

Find out how to build a lead generation system that filters out tyre-kickers so you are only dealing with fully qualified leads ready to take action
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