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Want to 2-3x your conversions on your existing lead flow?

It’s quite possible that you’ve already got plenty of opportunities, even without spending more money on marketing, but they just aren’t turning into business….

❌ How many website visitors do nothing?

❌ How many leads can’t you get on the phone?

❌ How many proposals that never go any further?

In marketing & sales your website plays an important part, but what if you could go beyond that to a marketing and sales system that pre-educates, pre-qualifies and books sales appointments on autopilot….an automated machine that was getting rid of the tyre-kickers and putting people in front of you that are ready to do business.

For $350 per month, this offer is the ultimate starter pack to start automating marketing and sales, and includes:

  • A free 5 page semi-custom website (5 pages plus blog included)…if you need us to write the content we can quote that for you.
  • FocalContact marketing & sales automation platform (valued at $197 per month)
  • 300 site listings (valued at $100 per month) to boost your local SEO and increase your visibility
  • Website maintenance (valued at $75 per month)

….so you’re getting both a discount on the monthly services plus a free website!

There’s a $500 setup for FocalContact, which includes “standard” set up of forms, appointment scheduling and standard automations….”standard” meaning we cannot include a 100 point automation that covers all of your customer touchpoints for a year.

The minimum commitment is 6 months. Stay subscribed for 24 months and the website ownership transfers to you, or start again with a free website upgrade.

Jump on a call to work out if this is a great fit for your business

This Bundle for a Low Monthly Subscription Is Everything You Need to Set Your Marketing Foundations

This deal will give you a website that is up there with the best in your industry, is kept up-to-date, has the foundations for good local search visibility and systems to convert traffic into leads, appointments and sales.

Semi-Custom Website

Valued at $3,500

If you need custom design and functionality we can do that, but for most of our clients we encourage our semi-custom websites. They’re just as good as most “custom” websites, but it leaves more budget to spend on marketing.

….and let us share a reality of the common website design agency. What they are calling “custom” is actually what we are doing as “semi-custom”. Most agencies use starter sites and code for most of their clients’ websites.

Our semi-custom websites include:

  • WordPress content management system with page builder so you can extend on the website yourself, or come back to us to do it for you
  • Blog functionality to add articles to your website
  • Mobile responsive for cross device compatibility
  • Inbuilt SEO and Social sharing functions
  • Integration of FocalContact forms and appointment scheduling

Everyone needs a website that looks great and effectively “sells” you, turning visitors into leads and sales

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Website Maintenance

Valued at $75 per month with hosting included

You have regular services and insurance for your car. If your website is there to sell you, obviously you want to make sure it’s looked after, too. The bundled maintenance plan includes

  • Weekly update of WordPress and plugins if update is available, and a visual check to make sure no obvious issue after the update.
  • If any issues we revert to the pre-update backup, and advise you should you wish us to correct any problems causing the update problem.
  • Daily offsite backup – an extra redundancy just in case there is a hosting issue.
  • Integration of CDN (website assets propagated to servers worldwide so assets load from the nearest server to the person visiting the site) for faster page load.
  • Image optimisation – automatically remotely convert images to the best format and size for the user browser and device, and delivered by CDN. If an image is frequently loaded, it is cached on the CDN after processing so does not require the processing step.

Local SEO Focused Site Listings

Valued at $100 per month

If you’ve done a search for a local service lately, you know you see up to 4 ads and then the maps listings, and you have to scroll some way to even see the normal organic listings.

So getting your details and link on 300 sites is all about raising your visibility and helping you’re Google My Business rank in the map pack. Each of those sites will have your business details, a Google Map of your location embedded, your social profile links, unique business descriptions and schema markup code…all creating relevant backlinks to your website and helping your Google My Business listing to rank better.

FocalContact Marketing & Sales Automation Platform

Valued at $197 per month

This is all about putting all of the tools together in one place and making more out of your existing traffic and lead flow, and with it in place you can spend more on your marketing knowing you’re going to get that money back and more. All bundled into FocalContact we have…..

  • Multichannel two-way communication via email, text, phone, Facebook Messenger,
  • Instagram DM, Google My Business messages
  • A CRM to manage your leads and contacts, with pipeline opportunity tracking
  • Website page and funnel builder
  • Marketing and sales automation
  • Appointment scheduling (free and paid)
  • Form and survey creator
  • Email/SMS marketing
  • Text to pay
  • Reputation management for Facebook and Google My Business
  • Membership course functionality (free and paid)
  • Integration with Stripe, with Paypal coming soon

So essentially you will be bundling all of these tools into one, meaning no more multiple logins to tools that don’t quite fit together properly.

Ready To Give Your Business A Boost?

Grab this bundle deal now, and over 24 months you will be saving over $4,000!

What if You’re Wanting to Ramp Up Your Marketing

So with this package you’re making sure your house is in order, so to speak…whether you just want to convert more from what you currently have going on, or if you plan on ramping up your marketing. This will give you a solid foundation and give you full transparency all the way from the point a lead first comes in, to when the sale happens, and even after.

When you’re actively marketing your business, if there are any bottlenecks or drop offs through your funnel, you’ll know exactly where it happens and be able to take action to fix it.

If you’re managing your own marketing, someone else is managing your marketing, or even if you engage us to do your marketing you’ll be able to properly measure your return on marketing spend. If you’ve ever wondered if your leads are crappy, or your sales process needs tightening up, you’ll now know exactly where the problems are.

At just $350 per month and $500 setup fee (plus GST), You're Not Going to Come Across a Better Deal

Jump on a call to discuss how this package will work for you, and if you’re looking to ramp up your marketing let’s talk about that, too!

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